Inserting fields

The Insert field dialog box is used to enable you to insert fields that function as aliases of values. The dialog box lists all field categories in the left-side window. When you select a field category, the associated fields are listed in the right-side window. You can select any one of these fields and insert it as the value for the parameter you are defining. The parameter then uses the value of the selected field as its value. The values can be constant or variable data.

Explicit values (not always available)

If you have configured connections to LANDesk Cores in your environment using Process Manager's Database Utility (see "Configuring LANDesk cores") and you provide the credential set for that core, the dialog box for inserting fields will automatically expand to include a new panel with a list of explicit values representing any predefined tasks, distribution methods, etc. that are available on that core. Because this queries the specified core to return a list of these values, the dialog box will take longer than normal to display. To use any of the displayed values, select the Explicit values option, specify the value, and then click Insert.

For more information, see "Fields".

Select a query (not always available)

When selecting a query, the Select a query dialog box appears instead of the Insert fields dialog box. This lets you assign a public query created in LANDesk Management Suite. For example, for a workflow that includes deploying a vulnerability patch, use this dialog box to select the public query that defines the devices to be included when deploying the patch.