Audit history

Process Manager performs an audit of your workflows and maintains a history of important events that occur. The audit history captures the progress of a workflow's process from start to completion or termination. Each event that occurs during a process has a record logged in the audit history. The records consist of a header and one or more details. The header, or event record, contains information pertaining to the overall workflow. The details, or action records, contain information pertaining to each action that occurs in the process. Together, they provide vital information on the status of the workflow.

For example, if a workflow fails to execute as expected, you can find an error message from the task engine log in the audit history next to the action which failed to execute. This gives a starting point for troubleshooting the failure.

The audit history can be used for a variety of secondary purposes as well. Not only does it maintain a record of what transpired during a workflow, it also contains information directly impacting the following areas, including several that constitute improvements to the processes themselves:

The Audit history is accessed from the Web application. See "Accessing audit history".