Accessing audit history

Every workflow has an audit history that records everything that has transpired concerning the workflow. The Audit history is displayed as a report inside the Web application. You can access a workflow's audit history from the workflow explorer, or from within the Web application.

Process Manager assigns every workflow instance an ID number, which you can use as a reference tool to search for and find the audit history for specific workflow instances.

To access an Audit history from the workflow explorer
  1. From the Workflow explorer, select the workflow you want to obtain audit history for.
  2. Right-click the workflow and click Reports | Audit history.
  3. If you are not currently logged on to the Web application, you will be prompted to log on.

The Audit history reports list appears in the Web console, with all instances of the workflow you selected listed in the order in which they were executed. If you know the workflow ID, click the right-pointing triangle to expand the list and see the audit history details for that instance. If you do not know the workflow ID, use the Workflow started date range filter to find the workflow you are looking for.

For more information, see the Help system in the Web application.