Assigning process participants

Assigning users and groups to workflow actions makes them participants of the process. As participants, users and groups can only be involved in manual tasks, which require human interaction. Since actions represent steps in a process, you assign the participants needed to accomplish a particular action (task) by configuring the action's attributes.

If the workflow includes approvers or task recipients from different domains, a trust relationship must exist between the domains so that the users from both domains can log into the web application and complete their assigned tasks.

The Contact Picker dialog box is used to assign participants to the action. You need to select users or groups as the contact type to institute human participation.

You can configure an action to be approved by all designated approvers, or you can specify a percentage that must approve.  You can also specify that the action may be approved by any of the designated approvers.

Note: Before you can assign participants in workflows, you need to have used the Database Utility to configure connections to local and/or domain users and groups. See "Configuring users and groups".

To assign process participants
  1. From the Workflow Explorer, double-click the workflow containing the desired process.
  2. From the canvas, click the action you want to assign participants to. If the action is not already on the canvas, drag and drop it onto the canvas from the actions toolbox. When an action is selected (has focus), a green box outlines it on the canvas.
  3. From the Attributes window, click the Approvers row or the Notification recipients row.
  4. Click the [...] (ellipsis) button.
  5. Select one or more names from the Selected contacts list. If the contact is not in the list, click Add.
  6. From the Add Contact dialog, select the contact type and the contact location (local or domain).
  7. In the Search filter text box, type the first few characters of the name and an asterisk, and then click Search.
  8. Select the participant(s) from the list and click OK. You can use Ctrl or Shift to select multiple participants.
  9. If you are designating approvers, in the Completion logic panel select All must approve or Any may approve. If you select All, you may also specify an approval percentage.
  10. Click OK.