Enabling local e-mail

One of the important advantages of workflows is the ability to automate manual actions by including users and groups as participants in processes. When a process encounters an action requiring human intervention, it generates and sends the designated individual(s) an e-mail with details about the task assigned to them.  It also includes the ability for them to mark the task or request completed, approved, denied, etc. The process then waits for the participant(s) to respond. When the response is received, the process continues.

To include users as participants in process workflows, you need to have configured connections for them using Process Manager's Database Utility. See "Configuring users and groups".

Note: E-mail setup for domain users and groups should already be enabled via their Active Directory configuration.

For local users or groups to receive e-mail from Process Manager, you need to include their e-mail address on your local machine's management console.  

To enable Workflow e-mail for users/groups on the local machine
  1. Open the Computer Management console.
  2. Double-click Local Users and Groups, then click Users (or Groups)
  3. Double-click a user (or group) name.
  4. In the Description text box, type the email address, using the syntax in the example below.
  5. Click OK.

Use the following format when specifying the e-mail address: