System requirements

In order for Process Manager to function properly, you need to ensure you have the necessary resources on your system. Before you install Process Manager 4.1 on a server or workstation, check to see that your hardware and software meet or exceed the following system requirements.

Note: Running Process Manager with server components installed on XP or any desktop OS with Internet Information Services (IIS) is only supported for a testing or development environment. You are limited to 10 connections both on the engine and IIS. This setup will not work for your production environment.

The installation procedure automatically checks your system for the required components, reports any deficiencies to you, and where practical, provides a link where you can download them.

You can also download several of the required components before running the installation at the following location:

Process Manager Server requirements

The Process Manager server should run on a dedicated machine to ensure maximum performance. The server should have at least the following hardware and software requirements before installing Process Manager Server on the machine.


The hardware requirements for a server are based on the number of workflow actions to be performed on an hourly basis:

Workflow actions per hour

CPU Speed RAM Network
60 or less Pentium III 1 GHz 512 MB 10/100
61 - 600 Dual Pentium III 1.5 GHz 2 GB 100/1000
600 or more Dual Pentium IV 2.8 GHz 2 GB 100/1000


Process Designer requirements

The workstation should have the following hardware and software requirements in order to successfully install Process Designer 4.1.



Integration with LANDesk actions

Before you can use LANDesk Management Suite actions in Process Manager 4.1, you need to install LANDesk Management Suite 8.8. You also need to have created connections to any LDMS cores using Process Manager's Database Utility. See "Configuring LANDesk cores"

LANDesk scheduler service

The LANDesk scheduler service in LANDesk Management Suite needs to be changed from running as a local system account to a user account. This user account also needs to have permission on the Process Manager servicehost Web services. For example, if both the Process Manager core and the Management Suite core are part of a domain, then you would run the LANDesk scheduler service on the Management Suite core as a user that is part of the Management Suite user group and make sure that user has rights to the Process Manager core.