Installation procedure

Follow the instructions below to install LANDeskĀ® Process Manager. These instructions assume you have the proper system requirements for a successful installation. For details, see "System requirements"

Note: If you plan to use Process Manager with both local and domain users, make sure you are logged on as the domain user when you perform the installation, and that the account you use to install has Administrator rights on the LPM server. This is necessary because domain rights override local user rights.

To install Process Manager
  1. Insert the LANDesk Process Manager CD into the CD-ROM drive. Navigate to your CD-ROM drive and double-click autorun.exe. If you are installing from an FTP site or the Internet, you need to download the files to the server and run ProcessManager.exe.
  2. From the Welcome page, click on the type of installation you would like to perform.
  3. From the Install Requirements page, click Install now. If you are missing any required components, the system will display a box at the bottom of the screen, indicating what is missing. Click the Fail link to download and install the missing component(s). Then return to the Install Requirements page and click Check again.
  4. Once you've passed the prerequisite check, click Install now.
  5. From the Choose Setup Language dialog, select the language you want installed and click OK.
  6. From the setup wizard page, click Next.
  7. From the License Agreement page, if you agree, click I accept the terms in the license agreement, and click Next.
  8. From the Custom Setup page, confirm the type of installation you want to perform and the Install location, and then click Next.
  9. From the Ready to Install page, click Install.
  10. Once the installation is complete, click Finish, and then close the Installation window. For a server installation, selecting Launch the Database Utility will take you to the database application to set up connections to your database, email server, network domains, etc. See "Setting up the database".