Defining the SMTP e-mail server

To set up your SMTP e-mail server, you need to authenticate to the database with the proper credentials, test the connection to the database, and then restart the services. You will be prompted to enter the SMTP e-mail server information and provide an e-mail address for messages sent by Process Manager. Your SMTP e-mail server should not be confused with your exchange server (smtp.[company name].com).

Note: Remember, Process Manager uses the database that most recently had its services saved and restarted. Make sure you are connecting to the intended database when you change the SMTP e-mail server.

To specify your SMTP e-mail server
  1. From the Database Utility, insert your user name, password, database server, and database name.
  2. Click Test connection.
  3. Once you have successfully connected to the server, click Configure and restart services.
  4. Insert your outgoing SMTP e-mail server information.
  5. Insert an e-mail address for the system, then click OK. The e-mail address you provide will not be verified as a valid address, but will be displayed as the Sender for all workflow-generated e-mails.
  6. Click OK.

If you have not yet done so, you will be prompted to specify at least one location for Process Manager users. See "Configuring users and groups".

Since many SMTP e-mail servers require authentication, you may have to set up anonymous security for outgoing e-mail from the server (localhost). You can set up a local relay and configure the security so it only allows e-mails from the localhost.