Using the CabGen utility

Administrators can use the Symantec LiveState Delivery CabGen utility to generate a cabinet file (.cab) that will install the Agent for Pocket PC and optionally configure the agent and install software on the Pocket PC device. End-users of Pocket PC devices can download the CAB file using Pocket Internet Explorer. When the download is complete, the installation occurs automatically.

CabGen.exe is located in

<drive>:\Program Files\Symantec\LiveState Delivery\Pocket PC\CabGen

Before you run the CabGen utility:

Provide appropriate settings for the Agent for Pocket PC and the AutoRun utility by editing the following configuration files, located in <drive>:\Program Files\Symantec\LiveState Delivery\Pocket PC\Agent Manager\AgentFiles_420.

The configuration files are:

You can also enable provisioning and re-provisioning of the Pocket PC device, which can be used to preconfigure agent settings, assign appropriate jobs, and reset jobs for a device in the process of recovery. See Using the AutoConfig Service.

To use the CabGen utility:

Note: Launching CabGen from Windows Explorer without parameters will: 1) use the Agent.dat file in the current directory; 2) use the <drive>:\ProgramFiles\Symantec\LiveState Delivery\Pocket PC\Agent Manager\AgentFiles_420 folder for Agent Files; and 3) create an file in the current directory.

  1. Run the CabGen utility, located at  <drive>:\Program Files\Symantec\LiveState Delivery\Pocket PC\CabGen.

The CabGen utility generates a file named and places it in the CabGen folder.

  1. Copy the file to any directory that is accessible from a Web browser.

Using the Configuration Server as the location for the file:

If you want Pocket PC users to download from the Configuration Server, put in the following directory on the server:


Users open their Web browser and connect to the following URL:

http://<server IP address>:8080/

Note: Be sure to provide instructions to your Pocket PC end-users on how to download the file.