Configuring Vault Management Properties on the General tab

Use the Vault Management Properties General tab to configure the following:

To configure general Vault management properties

  1. From within Vault Management, select Vault Management Properties on the Actions menu.

  2. In the Vault Management Properties dialog, select the General tab.

  3. Enter information or select options as appropriate.

    The generale Vault options are described as follows:

    Email address for notification of session status

    An email notification is sent at the end of each vault session; it provides a summary of the vault session, in the form of a summary.log file, and the status of the operation. The subject line of the email message is formatted as follow:

    Vault Status status_code [robot_number/vault/profile] (MasterServer)

    By default, the email is sent to the root or administrator user account on the system on which the NetBackup master server is installed. If you enter email addresses in the E-mail address for notification of session status field, email is sent to those addresses rather than to the root user. You cannot disable notification of session status.

    To enter more than one address, separate the addresses with commas.

    Email address for eject notification

    An eject notification is sent to the email addresses entered in the Email address for eject notification field when the eject begins (includes a list of the media to be ejected) and when the eject is completed.

    Eject notification is configured for each profile on the Eject tab, for each robot on the Vault Robot dialog box, and globally for Vault on the Vault Management Properties dialog box General tab. Vault sends the notification to the first email addresses found in that order. You can configure different addresses in each place.

    To enter more than one address, separate the addresses with commas.

    Eject media, sort by

    You can select whether to eject media alphabetically or by expiration date. By default, Vault ejects media alphabetically.

    Lookback days for media going offsite reports

    You can enter the number of days before the day a profile runs to search for images to include in media going off-site reports. This reduces the amount of time to generate reports because Vault searches fewer image database records to determine which images are on the ejected media. By default, Vault searches the entire image database.

    Specifying a value does not affect whether media are ejected and vaulted. However, if a volume is ejected that has an image on it older than the period you specify, that image is not listed on the media going off-site reports.

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