About setting up email

Depending on your computing environment, you may have to configure NetBackup or your computing environment so that notification email from NetBackup functions properly.

On UNIX systems, NetBackup uses the sendmail mail transfer agent to send email. If sendmail is not installed, you must install it and configure your environment so it functions correctly.

On Windows systems, NetBackup uses the nbmail.cmd script (in install_path\VERITAS\NetBackup\bin) on the NetBackup master server to send email. For email notifications, NetBackup passes the email address, subject, and message to the script. NetBackup then uses the mail program that is specified in the script to send email. For instructions on configuring the script, see the comments in the nbmail.cmd script. Default NetBackup behavior: nbmail.cmd does not send email.


If you use the Blat email client to deliver email on Windows systems, include the -mime option on the blat command in the nbmail.cmd script. That ensures the Vault reports are mailed correctly.

See the NetBackup Administrator's Guide, Volume I.