Configuring a profile

After you create a profile, the New Profile: profile name dialog box appears.

The New Profile dialog box includes the following five tabs:

Choose backups tab

Enables you to specify the criteria for selecting backup images.

Duplication tab

Enables you to configure duplication of the selected backup images.

Catalog backup tab

Enables you to choose which catalog backup policy and schedule to use for creating a Vault catalog backup. For efficient disaster recovery, vault a new catalog backup each time you vault data.

Eject tab

Enables you to choose in which off-site volume pools Vault should look for the media you want to eject.

Reports tab

Enables you to choose which reports to generate.

A profile must select images (Choose Backups). The other steps are optional so you can separate the tasks into separate jobs if you want, using different jobs to accomplish different tasks. For example, you can use one profile to select and duplicate images daily, and another profile to eject media and generate reports weekly.

To configure a profile

  1. If the Profile dialog box does not appear, select a profile in the NetBackup Administration Console window and select the Change icon in the toolbar.

  2. Select the tab for each step that you are configuring and complete the fields.

  3. When you finish, click OK.

More Information

About configuring a profile using the Choose backups tab