About configuring a profile using the Choose backups tab

Use the Choose Backups tab to configure the search for images to be vaulted. The most basic criterion you can set is the time frame. To refine the search for images to vault, you can select Attribute and Location to configure the advanced options. The default setting of these two criteria is for the check boxes to be unselected, which means all criteria in that particular field is included in the search for an image to vault. The criteria contained in the Attribute field are logical criteria to help you refine your search. The criteria contained in the Location field represent physical locations of the images to backup.

Vault compares images in the NetBackup database with the criteria defined in the Choose Backups tab and generates a list of images that match the criteria. The image selection process chooses all images in the NetBackup catalog that match the criteria that you select under Attribute and Location, even images that are in a different vault. The criteria that you specify on the other tabs in the Profile dialog box determine whether Vault includes or excludes the selected images.

The Choose Backups tab enables you to quickly configure how you select criteria for your profile. For the broadest search coverage, you should leave the Attribute and Location check boxes empty and in their default state. This includes all criteria in your profile. Or, you can refine your search by using only criteria from the Attribute field, or search physical locations by using the criteria in the Location field. Finally, you can restrict your search to cover very specific areas by utilizing various criteria in the Attribute and the Location fields.

The image selection process may select catalog backup images. However, if you are duplicating images, Vault does not duplicate existing catalog images. Vault ejects the media on which those images reside if that media is assigned to a volume pool that is listed in the Off-site Volume Pools list on the Eject tab.

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