About Vault management procedures

Table: Vault management procedures summarizes the operational procedures for Vault. The NetBackup Vault Operator's Guide provides detailed information on day-to-day procedures.

Table: Vault management procedures

Operational procedure

Staff responsibilities

Configuration: review backup procedures and determine duplication capacity needed.

Determine appropriate servers to run duplications and determine the appropriate time windows to run duplication.

Configure Vault profiles.

Review duplication windows for performance and throughput.

Determine the levels of duplication service on a per policy basis.

Ensure sufficient hardware, software, and network capacity is available for duplication of backup images.

Choosing Backups: Vault incorporates the new criteria when choosing a backup for vaulting.

Duplication: set up Vault policies to run vault sessions on a schedule.

Monitor jobs to ensure that they start when scheduled.

Determine media requirements and setup initial volume pool for duplication.

Monitor volume pool usage.

Ensure that sufficient media are available for duplicates to run.

Monitoring: use the NetBackup Activity Monitor to determine progress.

Set up links between log files and the email monitoring system and the paging notification.

Ensure that duplication jobs complete successfully.

Ensure that errors are reported to appropriate personnel.

Vault reports: generate reports regularly to ensure that images are duplicated correctly.

Compare report output with ejected and returned media.

Review production duplication cycle for thoroughness.

Ensure which media is going off-site and returning on-site matches reports.

Check duplication volume pools and catalog backup pools for available media.

Ensure sufficient media available for duplication.

Use Media Manager to expire or freeze tapes manually when needed for retrieval from the vault.

Recall the media that was not recalled during normal Vault operations.

Back up the catalog: set up a schedule for Vault backup of image catalog.

Ensure media available to store catalog.

Ensure that Vault catalog backup occurs .

Duplication capacity review: determine the capacity planning cycle, that includes the reaction time, costing factors, and new requirements.

Assist production support to help determine system, robotic, and network utilization rates (for example, disk capacity).

Assist in defining requirements for the system infrastructure to use Vault effectively with other computing environment resources.

Recovery review: test recovery procedures regularly to ensure recovery of essential data from off-site storage.

Know procedures for restoring duplicated images.

Know how to restore database catalog, backup software, and so on in case of disaster on NetBackup server(s).