About Bare Metal Restore

NetBackup Bare Metal Restore (BMR) is the server recovery option of NetBackup. BMR automates and streamlines the server recovery process, making it unnecessary to reinstall operating systems or configure hardware manually. You can restore servers in a fraction of the time without extensive training or tedious administration.

BMR restores the operating system, the system configuration, and all the system files and the data files with the following steps:

Table: BMR components shows the components of a BMR protection domain.

Table: BMR components



NetBackup and BMR master server

The NetBackup master server manages backups and restores of the protected client systems. A NetBackup master server also hosts the BMR master server then manages BMR operations.

NetBackup media servers

NetBackup media servers control storage devices on which the client files are stored.

BMR boot servers

Boot servers provide the environment that is required to rebuild a protected client, including resources such as shared resource trees (SRTs). Shared resource trees contain the software that is used to rebuild the protected system so that NetBackup can restore the original files. The software includes the operating system software and the NetBackup client software.


Clients are the systems backed up by NetBackup and protected by BMR. A client may also be a server for other applications or data, a NetBackup media server, or a BMR boot server.

Depending on your environment, the server components can be located on the same machine, on separate machines, or on a combination of machines.