Linux multidevice volume properties

The Linux multidevice volume properties dialog box shows the properties of the selected Linux multidevice volume.

For information about Linux storage management, see the Linux documentation.

Table: Linux multidevice volume properties dialog box fields describes all of the fields in the dialog box.

Table: Linux multidevice volume properties dialog box fields



Major number

The device class number.

Device super block

Whether the device has a super block.

Spare devices

The number of spare devices for RAID-5.

Minor number

The number of the specific device.


The rounding factor for linear devices.


Whether the device is writable.


The RAID level.

Number of devices

The number of devices in the multidevice volume.


The number of partitions in the multidevice volume.


The universally unique identifier of the device.


The size of the volume.

File system type

The type of file system.

Free space

The amount of space available.


The number of inodes possible.

Mount options

The options that are used to mount the device.

Free inodes

The number of inodes available.

Mount point

Where the device is mounted.