Network routes properties

Use the Network Routes property sheet of the Change Configuration dialog box to add a network route to use during the restore.

You may need to add a route if an existing route in the configuration is not sufficient to reach the NetBackup or BMR servers. This situation can occur during disaster recovery at a different location when you move servers from one subnet to another. It also can occur when any routers that intervene are changed.

For example, client and NetBackup master server have a router ( between them because they are on different subnets. When you prepare to restore, the restore process configures the route to the NetBackup master server as, and the restore is successful. However, if the IP address of the router between them changes, the client may not be able to reach the master server. The client cannot reach the server because the configuration does not include the correct route to it. Therefore, you must add a network route to the master server before you perform the prepare-to-restore operation.

BMR attempts to reach hosts in the following order:

In the Java-based Administration Console, changes occur when you make them.

Table: Network routes mapping fields describes the fields and options in the property sheet.

Table: Network routes mapping fields



Default gateway

The gateway to use if no other route reaches a host.


Opens a dialog box in which you can enter the properties for a new network route.

See Add or Change Network Route dialog box.


Opens a dialog box in which you can change the properties for the selected route.

See Add or Change Network Route dialog box.


Removes the selected route.