Archived Boot Floppies window

The Archived Boot Floppies view shows the customized Microsoft Windows boot floppy diskette images that have been archived. Use the Refresh option to update the details pane with new information retrieved from the master server; if an item is highlighted, only that item is updated.

When you create a customized Windows boot floppy, you can archive the floppy disk image so you can write a new boot floppy diskette without re-entering information and collecting the resources that are needed to create a boot floppy.

Table: Actions for archived boot floppies describes the tasks you can perform from the window.

Table: Actions for archived boot floppies


Do the Following

Display the archived boot floppies

Select Bare Metal Restore Management > Resources > Archived Boot Floppies.

Delete an archived boot floppy

Right click on the name in the details pane and then select Delete from the shortcut menu.