HP-UX volume properties

The HP-UX volume properties dialog box shows the properties of the selected volume.

For information about HP-UX storage management, see the HP-UX documentation.

Table: HP-UX volume properties dialog box fields describes all of the fields in the dialog box.

Table: HP-UX volume properties dialog box fields



Volume group

The name of the volume group.

Consistency recovery

The method to use to recover the mirrors after a crash.


The layout of the volume.

Scheduling policy

The scheduling policy for the mirror.


Number of mirrors the volume has.

Bad block

Whether bad block relocation is enabled.


The method for allocating mirror copies.

Access permission

The read or write permissions on the volume.


The size of the volume.

File system type

The type of file system.

Free space

The amount of space available.

Mount point

Where the device is mounted.