AIX LVM logical volume properties

The AIX LVM Properties of Logical volume dialog box shows the properties of the selected logical volume.

For information about AIX LVM, see the AIX documentation.

If you open this dialog box from the New Volume Layout window, you can change the values of the following fields:

Table: AIX LVM Properties of Logical volume dialog box fields describes all of the fields in the dialog box.

Table: AIX LVM Properties of Logical volume dialog box fields



Volume group

The name of the volume group.

Bad block policy

The policy to use for bad block relocation.


The layout of the disk.

Write verify

Whether or not the write-verify option is enabled.


Number of mirrors the volume has.

Mirror write consistency

Indicates whether Mirror Write Consistency (MWC) is on (active) or off (passive).


The type of volume (boot, jfs, jfs2, and so on).


The reorganization relocation flag.


The inter-disk allocation policy specifies the number of disks on which the physical partitions of a logical volume are located.


The intra-disk allocation policy specifies where on the physical volume the logical volume should reside.


The size of the volume group.

File system type

The type of file system.

Free space

The amount of space available in the volume group.

Mount point

Where the device is mounted.