Linux volume group disk selection

Use the Linux volume group options to select a disk or disks to which to map the volume group.

For each disk in the Selected disks window, a Linux Create Physical Volume screen appears where you choose how to map the volumes in the group to each disk.

Table: Linux volume group selection options describes all of the options on the wizard screen.

Table: Linux volume group selection options



Original Disks

Shows the original disks on which the original physical volumes for this volume group were created.

Volume Group Information

Shows information about the disks that are selected; you can use this information to help determine to which available disks you can use to create physical volumes for this volume group.

Available Disks

Shows a list of disks that have enough space to create physical volumes and that are not restricted.

Keep Original

If the original disks are in the Available Disks list, click Keep Original to use the original disks as the target disks for the restore.

Selected Disks

Shows the disks that have been selected to create the new physical volumes for the volume group.