NetBackup's Novell NetWare Client allows you to fully protect your NetWare server.

When the NetWare Client is installed, your NetWare server is configured as a NetBackup client, which in NetBackup terminology is the system you want to back up. The system that manages the storage and retrieval of the backup data is called the NetBackup master server or NetBackup server.

With the NetWare Client, the NetBackup administrator can schedule full backups and incremental backups to occur automatically and unattended, under the control of the NetBackup master server. The NetWare Client provides two methods for creating scheduled as well as user-directed backups and restores:

Target. This method involves the creation of targets using a character-based menu-driven interface that runs on the NetWare file server console. A target consists of NetBackup configuration information that defines the collection of information on the NetWare server that is to be backed up. For more information about targets, see Defining targets to back up.

NonTarget. This method allows backup and restore jobs to be created from the NetBackup administration console without the use of targets. For user-directed backups, this method uses the NetBackup for NetWare NonTarget Browser (NetWare Client's Backup, Archive, and Restore) interface, which is installed on and run from a Windows computer.

Regardless of where the backup job is launched, the backup is controlled by the NetBackup master server and the data is copied to a storage device connected to the NetBackup media server. (A master server can also be a media server.)

Note: With the NetWare Client, storage devices used for backup and restore are not attached to the NetWare server.

When using the Target and NonTarget methods, you do not have to log on to the NetBackup server to start backup or restore operations.

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