Defining targets to back up

In order for NetBackup to back up your NetWare server, you must define the targets to be backed up. A target consists of NetBackup configuration information that defines the collection of information on the NetWare server that is to be backed up.

To add a target

  • At the Main Menu, type t to display the Target Configuration menu.

Options for this menu are described in Using the target configuration menu.

  • Type a to add a new target.
  • Type the name of the target to be defined.

The name should be from 1 to 8 characters long and should quickly identify what is contained in the target. For example, if your target is backing up the SYS volume, you may want to name the target Sys.

  • Press Enter.
  • Select the Storage Management Data Requestor from the list presented.

Normally, this should be the computer on which you are configuring the target. It is the name of the NetWare server that will be running the Storage Management Data Requestor NetWare Loadable Module (SMDR.NLM) used for backups. Select one SMDR for each target you define.

You may need to type c and press Enter several times until the server name appears on the list. Then, type the number corresponding with the server name and press Enter.

  • Select a Target Service Agent from the list presented.

This list presents the specific Target Service Agents (TSA) available on the selected server. The TSA is the module that knows how to back up and restore a particular set of data on the NetWare server.

  • Select a Target Service associated with the specific Target Service Agent.

A NetWare server backup will list the names of existing NetWare file servers that can be backed up.You may also see Novell Directories and GroupWise.

  • Type the Target Service Username, and then press Enter.

Normally, administrator or equivalent rights are required to back up the NetWare server. The username must contain the full context (for example, .ADMIN.RSVL).

  • Type the Target Service Password, and then press Enter.
  • Select the resource to be backed up from the Available Resources list.

This list presents the specific resources on the target service that can be backed up. The list of resources presented to you is dependent upon the TSA selected for this target.

Resources for a NetWare server include such items as the following:

NetWare server. This will back up all volumes and server specific information for that server/client.

Server Specific Info. Server-specific information, applicable to NetWare 4.x and greater, includes five hidden files created at the time of backup, for disaster recovery purposes.

Volumes mounted by the server, such as SYS:

Resources for the Novell Directory follow:

The schema

The root of the directory tree

  • Select Name Space Type. Possible name space types include DOS, LONG, FTAM, NFS, and MAC.
  • Type y to add the target.

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