Sort dialog box

Use this dialog box to specify the sort criteria for the items in the Contents panes. You can specify different sort criteria for each pane.

You must be in details view (View > Details on the shortcut menu) to specify sort criteria.

You can specify the following sort criteria:

  • Number of columns (up to four).

  • Column priority (which column the data sorts first, which column it sorts second, and so on).

  • Sort order within each column (ascending or descending order).

For example, you select multiple backup images and display all files in those backup images (View > Show All Backups). Many revisions of many files may appear.

You can set the sort criteria so that the list sorts in the following ways:

  • First in ascending order by name.

  • Second in descending order by the time that it was backed up.

The files are listed in ascending alphabetical order, and the revisions of each file are listed in descending chronological order (most recent file first).

You can also change the sort order by clicking the column headings in the panes, which sorts the display by the data in that column.

To save the sort order, on the shortcut menu, click Settings > Save as Default.

To change the order of the columns in the window, refer to the following topic:

See Column Layout dialog box.

To open the Sort dialog box

To specify sort criteria

  1. Select the first column to sort on by choosing a column header from the Sort items by pull-down list.

  2. For the sort order, select Ascending or Descending .

  3. To sort on other columns, choose a column header from each Then by option and choose a sort order.

  4. When you finish, click OK.