Backup window

The Backup window shows the files, folders, volumes, or registry keys that you can mark for backup.

To open a Backup window

The items you can mark for backup appear in the following panes:

All Folders

When a Backup window first opens, this pane shows the following:

  • All volumes on the computer

  • Windows networks where the computer is connected

  • Windows registry and system state


When a Backup window first opens, this pane shows the folders and files of the selected volume or drive in the All Folders pane. Typically, drive C.

You can change the panes in the following ways:

To display the contents of a folder:

In the All Folders pane, click the appropriate folder.

To resize columns in a pane:

Click and drag the border of a column head.

To sort information:

Click the column header where you want to sort.

For example, to sort from the smallest to the largest size, click the Size column head. Click it again to sort from the largest to the smallest.

To adjust the widths of the All Folders pane and the Contents pane:

Click and drag the bar that separates the panes.

To select the columns that you want displayed:

See Column Layout dialog box.

The columns you can display depend on where you browse and the agents and options you have installed. The following are the general columns:

  • Name

  • Attributes

  • Size

  • Time Modified