Searching for items to restore

Use the following procedure to search for items by name in a backup image or set of backup images.


The amount of free memory on your computer limits search results. If you reach the limit, modify the date or the file path parameters to narrow the scope of the search.

To search for items to restore

  1. Open a Restore window. (Click File > Select Files and Folders to Restore, and then click a restore type.)

  2. In the NetBackup History pane, select the backup images that you think contain the items you want to restore.

  3. To speed up the search, narrow the search range by selecting one or only a few backup images.

  4. Click View > Show All Backups.

    All copies of files and directories (folders) from all of the selected backups are displayed.

    To display the most recent copy of the file or folder, select View > Show Most Recent Backup.

  5. Collapse the tree in the All Folders pane as much as possible. NetBackup expands the tree to the folders that match your search criteria.

  6. Click Actions > Search Backups.

  7. In the Search Backup dialog box, enter a file or a directory name and specify the search criteria.

  8. Click Search.

    When the search is complete, NetBackup updates the Restore window with the results.

More Information

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