About migrated files

A migrated file is a file that either Veritas Storage Migrator (VSM) for UNIX or NetBackup Enterprise Vault moved to secondary storage.


Veritas Storage Migrator (VSM) 6.5 is the final release of that product and is not supported in NetBackup 7.0. However, VSM is supported for the life of NetBackup 6.5 and all NetBackup 6.5 release updates. For NetBackup 7.0 environments with NetBackup 6.5 GA and 6.5.x media servers that use VSM media, this version of Backup, Archive, and Restore manages those media.

A placeholder contains the name and attributes of the migrated file but not the data. The placeholder remains on primary storage (usually disk) after the file is migrated to secondary storage.

When NetBackup backs up a migrated file, it backs up only the placeholder for the file.

When NetBackup restores a migrated file, it restores only the placeholder. VSM or NetBackup Enterprise Vault must recall the file data so that it is available.

Figure: Migrated file icon shows the icon that indicates a migrated file that was backed up.

Figure: Migrated file icon

Migrated file iconmigrated filesicon