SAN Clients screen

SAN Client license only.

If NetBackup clients are configured as SAN clients, the wizard discovers those clients and displays them in this screen.

To display the Fibre Transport (FT) connections for a SAN client, click the client name.

The Fibre Transport Devices seen by the selected SAN Client window displays the following:

Table: SAN client column descriptions describes the columns for a SAN client.

Table: FT devices column descriptions describes the columns for FT devices.

To add a SAN client manually

To specify client-level exceptions to the default global preference settings

  1. Click the SAN client name.

  2. Click Preferences.

  3. Specify the preferences in the FT Usage Preferences screen

    See Fibre Transport Usage Preferences dialog box.

Table: SAN client column descriptions




Name of the SAN client.


The state of FT client service or daemon: active, not active, or disabled.

Usage Preference

When to use FT media server: preferred, always, never.

Number Fibre Transport Servers

The number of FT media servers that are visible to the SAN client.

Table: FT devices column descriptions



Client HBA

The client host bus adapter number.

Media Server

The name of media server to which the FT pipe is connected.

Server HBA

The HBA number of the media server.

Server LUN

The logical unit number of the media server.

Device State

The state of the FT device from the client: online or offline.