Scenario 2

Assume that the available resources of the application server host far exceed that of the console host.

Assume that the console host has a very limited CPU and memory as compared to the NetBackup master server being administered. (The console host is the machine on which the console is started.) If the console is run on the master server and displayed back to the desktop host, performance may be enhanced.

If the desktop host is a Windows machine, X-terminal emulation or remote display tools such as Exceed and VNC are required.

These scenarios address the performance aspect of using the NetBackup-Java console. There may be other reasons that require you to display back remotely to your desktop, however, it is not recommended. Review the Release Notes for additional issues of relevance to the NetBackup-Java Administration Console and Backup, Archive, and Restore client console.

Table: Files containing configuration entries shows the files that contain configuration entries.

Table: Files containing configuration entries




Authorization options.


Configuration options (server and client).


Configuration options for the NetBackup-Java Console


Configuration options for media and device management.


Configuration options for user (on client).