About the Reports window

The Reports window contains multiple ways to view report listings and manage report data.

To display a list of commands that apply to a list, right-click on a report.

Depending on which report is viewed, the shortcut list may include the following:


Use to change the typeface and point size of the display text in the report pane.


Launches the Troubleshooter. The Troubleshooter is available only when a line in a report is selected that displays a NetBackup status code.


Opens the system Print dialog box to print the contents of the generated report.


Opens a submenu that contains commands for changing the order and size of columns. Includes: Layout options, Even Size, Proportional Size, Fixed Size, and Size to Data.


Use to specify sort criteria for the columns.


Use to find text within the report.


Use the Filter option to narrow in on specific data in a table. Use the controls on the Filter dialog box to list the rows that match specified criteria.

Clear Filter

Clears the filter if a filter is currently in effect.


Options to reload settings from default, save the current settings as the default settings, or save settings on exit.

The buttons on the toolbar provide shortcuts for menu commands. To display or hide the standard NetBackup toolbar, click View > Toolbar.

Use View > Customize to select the buttons you want to appear in the Toolbar and the order in which the buttons appear.

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