Configuration variables

The file format uses a traditional name-pair scheme for setting configuration preferences. Each preference uses a key name that is separated from the preference value by an equal sign with each name-value pair residing on a single line.

For example:


Enter all values as integers.

Table: Configuration entries describes the configuration entries that can be included in the configuration file.

Table: Configuration entries




Specifies the copy number of each source component for the second synthetic backup. Every source backup must have a copy by this number unless SRC_COPY_FALLBACK is specified. The default is 2.


Specifies the copy number for the second synthetic backup produced. This must be different from the copy number of the first synthetic backup (which is 1). Default is 2.


COPY is an alternate specification for SRC_COPY and TARGET_COPY.

If COPY is specified and either SRC_COPY and TARGET_COPY is not specified, the value for COPY is used.


Specifies the storage unit name or storage unit group name where the second copy synthetic backup is to be written. Use the special identifier __ANY__ to indicate that Any Available storage unit can be used that is not configured to be on demand only. Note that there are two underscores before and after ANY:



The second synthetic backup is produced immediately following the first copy synthetic backup if no errors occur during production of the first copy. If an error occurs during the second copy, the FAIL_MODE value specifies the fate of the first copy job and image.

Specify one of the following:


    ALL means that if the second copy fails, the first copy and its job also fail. (Default.)


    ONE means that if the second copy fails, the failure does not affect the first copy job.


Specifies whether production of the second copy is enabled or disabled. This entry turns on the feature.

Specify one of the following:


    Production of the second copy is enabled. (Default.)


    Production of the second copy is disabled.


Specifies that if a copy by the number given in SRC_COPY or COPY does not exist, the synthetic backup should use the primary backup.

The only valid value is the following:



Specifies the volume pool for tape media, if one is used. If no volume pool is specified, NetBackup uses the volume pool that is specified in the policy. If a volume pool is entered for disk, the entry is ignored.

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