Path rules for Windows disk image (Raw) backups

On Windows clients, you can back up a logical disk drive as a disk image. That is, NetBackup backs up the entire logical drive on a bit-by-bit basis rather than by directories and files.

Select Full backup as the backup type to perform a disk image backup.

To specify a disk image backup, add the logical name for the drive to the policy backup selection list. The format in the following example backs up drive C.


Disk images can be included in the same backup selection list with other backups:





To restore the backup, the user first chooses Select for restore > Restore from Normal backup.

When the backups are listed, the disk image appears as a file with the same name that was specified in the backup selection list. In this example:


Select the disk image source, then enter the destination in the following format:


Where drive is the location where the partition is to be restored.

Notes on disk image backups:

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