Changing backup selections for standard policies

Standard, Exchange, and Lotus Notes policy types list paths and directives in the backup selection list.

To add or change backup selections in standard, Exchange, or Lotus Notes policies

  1. In the NetBackup Administration window, expand NetBackup Management > Policies.

  2. Double-click the policy where you want to change the backup selections list.

  3. Click the Backup Selections tab.

  4. To add an entry, at the end of the list, click under the last entry in the backup selections list, then click New.

  5. Select a path or directive as follows:

    • Click the folder icon to browse to a remote folder to select a path.

    • Click the directives icon to browse to a directive.

      Click the arrow next to the Directive field and select a directive. Click OK to include the directive to the backup selections list on the Selections tab.

    See Backup selections list directives.

    See Backup selections list directives for multiple data streams.

    Paths may contain up to 1023 characters.

  6. Press Return to exit the edit box.

  7. To rearrange the selections in the backup selection list, do the following:

    • To move an entry, select the entry, then use the Up and Down buttons, mouse, or keyboard to move an entry.

    • To delete an entry, select the entry and click Delete.

    • To rename an entry, select it and click Rename. An edit box opens around the entry to modify it.

  8. Verify that the entries on the backup selections list are accurate

    See Verifying the backup selections list.

More Information

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