Follow NFS policy attribute

The Follow NFS attribute specifies whether NetBackup is to back up or archive any NFS-mounted files that are named in the backup selection list. Or, by the user in the case of a user backup or archive. Clear the check box to prevent the backup or archive of NFS mounted files.


The Follow NFS attribute applies only to UNIX clients in certain policy types. NetBackup allows it to be selected in those instances only.

The Follow NFS attribute eliminates the need to locate and log on to the systems where the files reside. If the files are mounted on the NetBackup client, you can back up, archive, and restore them by working from the NetBackup client. You must have the necessary permissions on the NFS mount. Use this capability to back up the systems that the NetBackup client software does not support.

Generally, do not back up NetBackup clients over NFS. Back up and archive files on the NFS server where the files physically reside. NFS backups have lower performance and sometimes encounter problems.

If Follow NFS is selected, you may want to use the policy only for the files and clients that are backed up or archived over NFS.


If Follow NFS is not selected, the backup process reads the client's mount table and evaluates each item in the table. NetBackup resolves any links to the true path. NetBackup must resolve the links so it can accurately avoid backing up any files that reside on NFS-mounted file systems.

If NetBackup cannot access a Network File System when it evaluates the mount table, it assumes that the file system is unavailable. (The default time to access the file system is five seconds.)

To change the default, change the UNIX master server host property, NFS access timeout.

See UNIX Server properties.

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