Cutting, copying, and pasting policy items

You can copy or cut and paste the following items:

Use the following procedure to cut, copy, and paste various NetBackup policy items.

To cut, copy, and paste items (general procedure)

  1. In the NetBackup Administration Console, expand NetBackup Management > Policies. In the left pane, select the policy from which you want to copy or move items.

  2. In the Details pane, select the item (backup selections, clients, or schedules).

  3. Select Edit > Copy or Edit > Cut. Both the Copy and Cut commands copy the selected items to the clipboard.

  4. In the left pane, select the policy where you want to paste or move the items.

  5. In the Details pane, click the pane where you want to paste the contents of the clipboard: attributes, clients, schedules, or backup selections.

    To view the contents of the clipboard, select Edit > Clipboard.

    Any items with the same name are replaced with the contents of the clipboard after pasting. If there are any schedules that do not match the policy type, the schedules are deleted or renamed. The action is indicated in a dialog box.

  6. On the Edit menu, click Paste.

See Events that cause the schedules to be recalculated.

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