Configuring media type mappings

Applies to API robots only.

For API robots, NetBackup contains default mappings from a vendor's media types to NetBackup media types. API robots are ACS, TLH, or TLM robot types.

You can change the default mappings. Changes apply only to the current volume configuration update.

You also can add media type mappings.

See About adding media type mapping entries.

See About the default and allowable media types.

See About NetBackup media types.


You can write a barcode rule that contains the media types that are incompatible with vendor media types. However, the robot inventory update may assign NetBackup media types that are inconsistent with the vendor media types. Avoid this problem by grouping barcode rules by media type.

Use the following procedure to change media type mappings.

To change media type mappings

  1. In the Robot Inventory dialog box, click Advanced Options.

  2. In the Advanced Robot Inventory Options dialog box, click the Media Type Mappings tab.

    The mappings that appear are only for the robot type that was selected for inventory.

    The tab shows the default mappings and any mappings you add.

  3. Select the row that contains the robot-vendor media type mapping that you want to change and click Change Mapping.

  4. In the Change Media Mapping dialog box, select a Media Manager media type from the list of allowed selections.

  5. Click OK.

    To reset the mappings to the default, click Reset to Defaults.