About adding media type mapping entries

Applies to API robots only.

The default media type mappings may not provide the wanted mappings. If not, add robot-specific media mappings to the vm.conf file on the host on which you are run the NetBackup Administration Console.

Information about how to do so is available.

See the NetBackup Administrator's Guide for Windows, Volume II.

Table: Examples of robot-specific media mappings

vm.conf entry


Robot default without a vm.conf entry

ACS_3490E = HCART2

Maps the ACS 3490E to the HCART2 media type.



Maps ACS DLTIV to the DLT2 media type.

DLT for all ACS DLT media types, including DLTIV

TLH_3490E = HCART2

Maps the TLH 3490E to the HCART2 media type.


More Information

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