Exchanging a volume and using the old media ID

You can exchange a volume and reuse the same media ID, which may be convenient in some instances.

Reuse a media ID only if all data on the old volume is not required and you recycle or discard the volume.


If you exchange a media ID for a volume that has unexpired backup images, serious operational problems and data loss may occur.

Table: Exchange a volume and use the old media ID



Delete the volume.

See Deleting a volume.

Remove the old volume from the storage device. Physically add the new volume to the storage device.

See About injecting and ejecting volumes.

Add the new volume to the NetBackup volume configuration and specify the same attributes as the old volume, including the old media ID.

See About adding volumes.

Set a new expiration date for the volume.

See Changing volume properties.

Optionally, label the volume. Although you do not have to label the volume, the label process puts the media in a known state. The external media label matches the recorded media label, and the mode is known to be compatible with the drives in the robotic library.

See Labeling a volume.