Correlating tape drives and SCSI addresses on Windows hosts

If your tape drives do not support device serialization, you may have to determine which logical device name or SCSI address matches the physical drive. You also may have to do so if you add the tape drives manually.

To correlate tape drives and SCSI addresses on Windows hosts

  1. Note the SCSI target of the drive.

  2. Correlate the SCSI target to the drive address by using the robot's interface panel. Alternatively, examine the indicators on the rear panel of the tape drive.

  3. Determine the physical drive address (for example, number) by checking labels on the robot.

  4. Configure the robot in NetBackup and then add the drives.

    When you add the drives, ensure that you assign the correct drive address to each set of SCSI coordinates.

    Optionally, use the appropriate NetBackup robotic test utility to verify the configuration.

    Information about the robotic test utilities is available.

    See the NetBackup Troubleshooting Guide.

To verify the device correlation Windows

  1. Stop the NetBackup Device Manager (ltid).

  2. Restart ltid, which starts the Automatic Volume Recognition process (avrd). Stop and restart ltid to ensure that the current device configuration has been activated.

    The following point applies only to NetBackup Enterprise Server.

    If robotic control is not local to this host, also start the remote robotic control daemon.

  3. Use the robotic test utility to mount a tape on a drive.

  4. Use the NetBackup Device Monitor to verify that the tape was mounted on the correct robot drive.

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