NDMP host credentials field descriptions

Table: NDMP host credentials describes the NDMP host credentials.

Table: NDMP host credentials

Field Description

Use global NDMP credentials for this NDMP host

Select this option to enable all NetBackup media servers under the master server to access this NDMP host using a pre-defined global NDMP login.

To create this login, click Host Properties > Master Server > Properties > NDMP in the NDMP Global Credentials dialog box.

Use the following credentials for this NDMP host on all media servers

This option enables all NetBackup media servers that are connected to the NDMP host to access the NDMP host using the login you specify:

  • Username: the user name under which NetBackup accesses the NDMP server. This user must have permission to run NDMP commands.

    You can find out whether your NDMP host vendor requires a particular user name or access level.

  • Password and Confirm Password: enter the password for this user.

Use different credentials for this NDMP host on each media server

Select this option to specify NDMP logins for particular NetBackup servers. Then click Advanced Configuration.

  • In the Advanced NDMP Credentials dialog box, click Add.

  • In the Add Credentials dialog box, select a NetBackup server and specify the user name and password it uses to access the NDMP host.

  • Click OK. NetBackup validates the user name and password.

  • The NetBackup server and user name appear in the Advanced NDMP Credentials dialog box.

  • If necessary, click Add again to specify other servers and user