Setting up email notifications about backups

Email notifications can be sent to the client's administrator or to the global administrator, specifying that a backup was successful or unsuccessful.

The following represents the contents of a notification email:

Backup on client hostname by root was partially successful.
File list
C:\Documents and Settings

Before notification emails about backups are sent, the computing environment must be configured correctly.

NetBackup can send notification to specified email addresses about backups on all client or specific clients.

Choose one or both of the following notification methods:

Both methods require that the nbmail.cmd script be configured.

Both methods require that the host properties be configured with email addresses:

Windows systems require that an application to transfer messages using the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol be installed to accept script parameters. UNIX platforms have an SMTP transfer method built into the system.

See Installing and testing the email utility.

More Information

Configuring the nbmail.cmd script