Configuring vPro Remote Access

Intel vPro Remote Access is a combination of processor technologies, hardware enhancements, management features, and security technologies that allow access to Intel vPro-enabled devices when they are not connected to your enterprise network. Use this dialog to configure remote access to your Intel vPro devices.

Intel vPro Gateway Configuration

Use this section to enter configuration information about the server you use as the Intel vPro Gateway Server.

Remote Access Periodic Session Configuration

These settings determine how often and for how long remote access sessions are automatically opened to perform maintenance on Intel vPro devices.

Remote Access Client Configuration

Select the Enable Remote Access on all vPro clients check box to enable all Intel vPro devices with remote access when the devices are managed. When this is enabled, the devices will connect remotely when they are outside the enterprise network. If this option is not checked, the remote access settings are saved to the database but are not pushed out to the managed Intel vPro devices.

You can specify which network addresses are in your enterprise network by adding domains to the list of approved Intel vPro domains in the Network Environment Detection Configuration dialog box.

Open Remote vPro Sessions

This section displays currently open remote sessions with Intel vPro devices. You can end a session immediately by selecting a session in the list and then clicking End Session.

To remotely boot an Intel vPro device, select a currently open session and click vPro Boot Manager. You can boot the device from CD/DVD, the local hard drive, PXE or IDE-redirect.