Network Environment Detection Configuration

With Intel vPro Remote Access, the domain that a device is connected to is considered to be within the enterprise network or outside the enterprise. This dialog lists valid domains that define the enterprise network.

If an Intel vPro device (revision 3.0 or later) is connected to a domain in this list, it can be managed directly from the core server and communicates with the core through normal Intel vPro connections. If the device is connected to any other domain, it can only be managed using Intel vPro Remote Access.

By default, Network Environment Detection settings are applied only to your Intel vPro devices that are equipped with Remote Access. When the Apply NED setting only to machines configured for Remote Access checkbox is selected, the settings are applied to devices with Remote Access, and they are ignored for other Intel vPro devices.

NOTE: You must have all the valid domains in your enterprise network listed here. If you fail to list all valid domains, you may interrupt all Intel vPro management communication across your network.

To add a domain to the approved domain list
  1. Type the domain name in the Add approved domain text box.
  2. Click Add.
To remove domains from the approved domain list
  1. Select one or more domain in the Approved vPro domains list (use Ctrl+click to select multiple names).
  2. Click Remove.