Step 9: Capture – Create – Distribute

At this time, all of the preparation is complete and it is time to actually perform the 3 imaging processes.

  1. Capture Drivers:

    The first step is to actually capture the drivers for the various hardware types you own. You will need to run this job on one of every model computer you intend on imaging. This step must be run on machines that are a member of the same domain as the DS, or an error will be generated. Each time it is run, drivers will be captured for each device and then sorted for later use.

    The driver collect process will update HII\<OS>\syspmsd.inf with the Mass Storage Drivers. You will need to replace the [SysprepMassStorage] section of your sysprep.inf file(s) with the contents of this file after you have run the Collect Drivers job.

    More information on what is happening in this step can be found under Troubleshooting, Tips, and Tricks.

  2. Create (capture) a base Image:

    Once you have collected the various drivers necessary, it’s time to actually create an image by assigning the “Create Hardware Independent Image” job to a representative computer. More information on how to create your base image can be found in Best Practices.
  3. Distribute the Image:

    Finally, you are prepared for deployment. All you have to do is configure computers to receive the “Distribute Hardware Independent Image” job. You may want to consider using things like Initial Deployment for this. More information on how to distribute images can be found in Best Practices.

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