Step 5: Create Sysprep.INF

A Sysprep.INF file is used by Sysprep to identify how the computer should be configured after the MiniSetup is run.  It includes things like where to look for device drivers (collected in step 6 of this process), information on the HAL (collected in Step 3 of this process), the computer name, and domain information (to help the computer join a domain. At least one must be customized to make this process hands-free, but several may be needed to identify differences in Time Zones, Domains, and other areas you may not want to change on the computer later.  The key component of this is the Domain; we recommend making one for each Domain.   You will need to modify a Create Hardware Independent Image and Distribute Hardware Independent Image task for each INF file you have created (This is Step 7 and Step 8 in this guide respectively).

  1. In the Start Menu, open Altiris > Deployment Solution > HII Tools > Make Sysprep INF File (See image below).

  2. Choose your Timezone.

  3. Enter the Username and Password of a domain account that has permission to join computers to the domain. For security reasons, Microsoft recommends that this account be limited to only this permission.

  4. Choose the optional Network Components you want to have installed, or leave the Windows defaults enabled.

  5. Select the Windows version you will be deploying with this Sysprep INF file.

  6. Click Save and give your INF file a meaningful name. For example, labxp.inf could represent Lab Domain/Windows XP.

  7. Repeat steps 3-6 for each domain/windows version combination you want to support.

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