Setting up collected data set properties

You can set up the properties of each collected data set to suit your requirements. When you create a new collected data set, you need to set up the WMI class properties as part of the process. You can modify the property settings at any time.

The default display name for each property is the WMI property name. You can change the property display names to make them more descriptive when showing inventory data. Descriptive property display names are also easier to use when you create filters and views.

You can specify the properties in each class that you want to collect from client computers. You can choose to collect particular properties within a class, and ignore the properties that you are not interested in. You may want to do this to make the inventory data collection process quicker and more efficient, and keep the size of the Inventory database to a minimum. By default, all properties of a class are enabled for collection, so are included in the Inventory database.

To set up collected data set properties