Setting up user profiles

You specify the computer users for whom to capture information, and the files and settings to capture for each user, by setting up the appropriate user profile. You can create as many different user profiles as you need. To capture data for a particular user, or group of users, you assign the appropriate user profile to a Move the User: Create task.

The components of a user profile are described in Table 6-4.

Table 6-4 User profile components
User profile name
You specify the name. It must be unique within a folder, and may contain up to 50 alphanumeric characters. You should choose a descriptive name that is easy to recognize when you are setting up a Move the User: Create task.
User selection
You specify the computer user, or users, for whom to capture information. You can specify particular user names, or collect all users, all domain users, or the user who has most recently logged on to the computer.
Data templates
You select the data templates to use. The data templates specify the data files and registry entries to capture for each user. You can include any number of data templates in a user profile.
Windows settings
You specify the Windows settings to capture for each user, by selecting them from the list of available settings.