Specifying data files and registry keys to capture

You specify the user information that you want to capture by setting up data templates. Each data template selects a particular set of files and registry keys to capture from the computer. You can create as many different templates as you need, and then add the appropriate combination of templates to each user profile.

When you set up a data template, you specify a set of rules that defines the files and registry keys to capture. These rules allow you to select particular data files from a folder, or entire folders, and to limit the selection to files that were created or modified within a specified date range. You can also select files that are greater or less than a particular file size.

You can capture individual registry keys, or all registry keys in a specified hive.

If necessary, you can use relative paths for capturing and restoring the data. You do this by specifying the reference path from which to capture the files (the Source path), and the reference path to which the files are to be restored (the Target path).