Storing AI packages

AI packages can be stored on the Symantec Ghost Console server, at an HTTP location, on a network share, or locally on each client computer.

Local deployment of Console resources

Packages located on a non-UNC (Universal Naming Convention) path are transferred and installed from the client. Packages located on a UNC path are accessed over the network. However, should this fail, these packages are transferred to the client.

The client uses HTTP protocols to access the packages stored at HTTP locations.

If packages are stored on Windows NT and Windows 2000 network shares, other computers cannot access the packages. To enable access, edit the registry on the computer on which the share exists, adding the name of the share to the following registry location:


Client computers can then access this share.

Warning: This workaround creates an open share, which does not require a username or password to connect. This is a potential security threat.