Local deployment of Console resources

Console resources are normally stored on the Symantec Ghost Console server, and they are transferred to the client computers when they are used in a task. However, you can store image files, user packages, and AI packages locally on the client computers. These resources are usually large files, and storing them on the client computers reduces the load on the network when they are used in a task. For example, if you execute a clone task to load an image file to a group of computers, it is more efficient to have the image file stored locally on each computer. If the image file is stored on the Console server, it must be transferred over the network to every computer in the group when executing the task.

When you create an image file or a user package, you can choose to store the file locally on the client computer or the default location on the Console server.

Note: If you store a user package locally on a client computer, it does not appear in the Symantec Ghost Console, and you cannot access it from there. You need to have the user package name and its location on the client computer in order to use it in a task.

When you restore user settings from a local user package, the user package is automatically preserved on each client computer. If you want to remove it, you must delete it manually.

When you restore a client computer from an image file, you have the option of preserving selected files. By default all files on the client computer are overwritten. You can choose the files to preserve, and specify which partition they are to be stored in. You may need to do this to preserve a user package or other resources that are stored on the client computer.